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What not to eat Peru

Peru is a culinary playground in which your palate is the big player. However, you must be careful in order to not ruin the game… or struggle with bad or terrible experiences! Following, some food and drinks you should avoid in Peru.

Tap water and raw vegetables

Tap water is not a solution to thirst. Not all cities have drinking water across all kitchens, so better you have a bottle of water, some tea or boil it by yourself. Consider also not eating fresh salad in Peru in low-cost restaurants, as there is some risk of infection. 

Over seasoned food

Depending on your tolerance to seasonings, some dishes such as asado, arroz con pato or carapulcra might be too spicy or hard to digest. You can have an infusion -camomille, anise or boldo- to reduce the hot impact in your stomach. Do not eat this kind of food in Peru if you have a sensitive palate.

Do not forget allergies

Peanuts, fish, pork, mushrooms and soybeans may be included in some Peruvian dishes. Tell your waiter or waitress about your allergies before trying new food. Corn, guinea pig or pepper allergies are very rare, so please eat any food based on these ingredients freely.

Before hiking

Being bloated before hiking is the first step to having a nightmare instead of a thrill. Avoid drinking alcohol before the trek. Moreover, do eat healthy food and drink plenty of water to have enough energy to endeavour to reach Machu Picchu!

Mind your habits

If you know how your metabolism works, take into account differences between your city and Peru. You will be 10 500 ft. high in Cusco or 160 ft. in Lima, so altitude levels also have an influence on your body. Do not eat with dirty hands in Peru. Hydrate yourself correctly. Do not have a feast before swimming in the pool or before going to bed in Andean cities. Don’t binge eat any fruit or dish. Watch out for your alcohol consumption.

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