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Nights in Cusco – What to do

It is 7pm in Cusco. Archaeological tours are over and now it is time for the party animals to come alive because Cusquenian nightlife is part of your unforgettable vacation in Peru. Fun ranges from a soft drink in an international ambiance to a starry stay in the Andean mountain range. What are the options?

Cocktail Night

Every night in Cusco, the noctambulous go on a quest to have the best evening. Bar and club hopping is in everyone’s schedule, write them down: Procuradores street, Main Square, San Blas neighborhood, private bars in hotels and of course, these secret parties you can only join with a tribute, if you know what I mean.

Explore with a Escort

Cusco can get as big as you can imagine, so if you don’t want to get lost, indulge yourself with a local escort. It is more than a friend, more than a tour guide, more than a travel partner. Don’t be ashamed to hire an escort, because it is one of the best ways to get into the nightlife during your vacations in Peru. Intimacy, safety, companion, fun and joy, just in one person.

Outdoors Night Fun

Of course there is fun far from the loud downtown in Cusco, this is in the countryside like you did before in the old times. How about being yourself at a party in a campsite under a bright and clear night? Guitar tunes, campfires, a one-night romance or just remembering how you were in the past… What would you choose to celebrate life outdoors?


Okay, a planetarium can sound quite nerdy, but it still can be a blast. The mystery of stars and constellations is explained thoroughly by the gentle guides at the Planetarium. If you ask how far your favorite light is or how the Incas understood the sky, spend a night in both the projection room and the telescopes area. Quite different from a regular vacation in Peru.

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