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The 10 Best Day Trips in Peru

Choosing a (day trip in Peru) might be quite difficult as there are plenty of incredible options for you to enjoy. From ancient ruins to lovable deserts, adventures in the land of the Incas are endless. Which destination will you head to?

Tales from the past – Cuzco

Cuzco is the center of the Andean world. Every second you spend in this city, the sweet sound of the Andean flute, the impressive views of the Inca architecture and the colorful clothes of the locals will haunt every of your senses and guess what… This is just the beginning.

A one-day trip in Cusco, Peru, features activities ranging from archaeology to art. The Sacsayhuaman Inca Stone Fortress, the classic Cathedral of Cuzco, the calming Temple of the Water Tambomachay, the Artisans Craftmarket and other tourist attractions are available for you.

Relax and enjoy – Lima

The capital of Peru suits every kind of traveler like you. Get ready to walk and appreciate religious art in the Cathedral of Lima, collect new sensations enjoying Peruvian food in the best restaurants of Lima, feel like a real adventurer ploughing the sky in a paraglider… and once the day is over, the moon rises and nightlife comes alive.

A day trip around volcanoes – Arequipa

You just can’t miss Arequipa and its attractions. The Santa Catalina Monastery is full of stories in each of the corridors of white and terracotta surfaces. Religious art and soothing ambiances, neat architecture and the secrets of the nuns, altogether in a guided tour in Arequipa.

Do you think this is it? Intrepid foodies can explore San Camilo Market to get along with locals or have a seat in the fine restaurants of the downtown for a safe and gourmet bet. Green lands and nature are scheduled during noon: the Campiña tour, trending among Instatravelers, matches natural beauty and cool landscapes to show off and share.

The gate to new cultures – Puno

One day by Puno is enough to live through different cultures. First, the Titicaca Lake, with outstanding landscapes of the quiet water and cold breeze, and then following the Uros Island, featuring the Uros people who have lived in floating islands made of totora reed.

On a one-day trip in Puno, Peru, enjoy listening to the stories of the Taquile and Amantani islands. How much of their lives can you discover through cultural exchange? Talking, eating, dancing… There is much social blast with the Altiplanic islanders.

Fun, fun and just more fun – Puerto Maldonado

Get ready to dance with the sounds of Amazonian cumbia, eat an exotic tacacho con cecina and make new animal friends. Puerto Maldonado is different, how is it? Light clothes, very hot weather, delicious fruit and drinks, the latest gossip with Amazonic dialect and the natural treasure of flora and fauna to get the most of.

What else to do? A rushy boat trip by the river, food tasting, shopping for local handicraft, making new friends and relaxing the most you can.

Sand, Wine and Fantasy – Ica

Ica has no flora nor archaeology to impress with but extreme sports and fun for the maddest. In one day, you can sit in a boat and travel to the Ballestas Islands -fun comes when you take a plunge to the water and swim around sea lions. Next, your wine tasting skills will be challenged as you and your partners have different flavors and scents. The winner doesn’t have to pay!

Take care and don’t get up because sunboarding comes next. Huacachina oasis is a very trendy destination to meet cool people and of course get fun. Grab your board, swear the louder you can and ride down at high speed.

Play the Explorer – Chachapoyas

How happy could you get in the natural paradise of Chachapoyas? The answer will come at the moment you open your eyes wide and observe the natural miracle of the Cocachimba and Gocta waterfalls. Joy can be in simple things like taking pictures of the lichen or screaming how adventurous you are in the middle of the forest. There is also the chance to ride a horse and be the new explorer in charge.

Finally, the maximum reward is the Kuelap Fortress. Even though archaeologists are still puzzled with the past of these ruins, you still can find a hidden secret by carefully watching the stone walls, the ancient decoration or the knowledge of your tour guide. You’ve got it!

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