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Beaches in Peru

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Peru is full of riches. Riches and attractions that are well known throughout the world such as the seventh wonder of the world, Machu Picchu; Lima, the cosmopolitan capital; its wonderful cuisine preferred by thousands in the world, enigmatic places such as the Nazca Lines; the abundant Amazon jungle; the highest navigable lake in the world, Titicaca that connects Peru with Bolivia and many other incredible places

However, Peru does have much more as many different and very nice and incredible beaches.  Being located in the Pacific Ocean that is the biggest and deepest in the world. The cold water brought by the Humboldt current, makes its water rich in plankton which supports a rich variety of fish and marine animals as well as birds who feed from the fish. Fish and its byproducts are an important source of economic activity in the coast and an important part of food resource for the local population.  

Peru has over 2500km (1553 miles) of coastline decorated with plenty of impressive beaches to enjoy. From the edge of the Andes – where the rich ecosystem of the Humboldt Current washes against the coasts – to the dry tropical forest of the northern shoreline, Peru’s beaches are as diverse as its people and cultures

It might be surprised to know that there are many wonderful and impressive Peru beaches that are well worth to include in your trip. Although it doesn’t have the white sands and bath temperature waters of places like the Caribbean, Peru offers a lot

Let’s get to know some of the most famous beaches

Punta Sal & Mancora.- In the north of Peru

Punta Sal beach

This is the place when you come to your typical beach retreat.  The sun shines here nearly every day of the year, and the beaches have incredibly fine sand. The warm waters are teeming with marine life thanks to warm and cold-water currents. It is the most developed in regards to accommodations and has some of the most luxurious, all-inclusive beachfront resorts in the country. From your resort, you can enjoy a number of activities from beach volleyball to kayaking, water skiing to cruising around on a yacht. Mancora is most famous for its party scene and bohemian backpacker vibe, it is becoming a global tourist attraction with a variety of activities. Travelers come from all over to enjoy the soft sand, the surf, and the seafood. There is a variety of accommodations from super cool hostels to romantic beach resorts.

Playa Roja – Ica/Paracas. – In the south near Lima

Red Beach, Paracas National Reserve, Peru

Playa Roja, located in the Paracas National Reserve next to the town of Paracas.  It has the most beautiful coastal landscape of all the beaches in Peru and is well worth a visit even though you can’t swim here. Nature enjoyed playing with its primary colors with the volcanic red sand, the mustard yellow desert cliffs, and the bright blue ocean. You’ll find an incredible number of marine species, such as sea lions, dolphins, Humboldt penguins, and blue-footed boobies. In the town of Paracas, you can enjoy swimming and kayaking, tours of the Ballestas Islands, as well as more adventurous activities such as hiking, dune boogying and much more

Huanchaco, Trujillo; La Libertad. – North of Peru

Huanchaco beach

Huanchaco was a fishing center and port for over a thousand years for the Chimú and Moche peoples; the archeological site of Chan Chan, the largest city of pre-Columbian South America is just down the road of the beach.  Not only is this area a historical treasure, but also a surf haven. In 2012, Huanchaco gained status as a World Surfing Reserve. 

Also, in this area is located the beautiful Playa Las Minas, one of the best swimming spots in all of Paracas with its calm, bright aquamarine water. Yet it still has an off the beaten path feel with few tourists.

Tuquillo. – Ancash region

Located about 4 hours north of Lima. The waters are aquamarine-colored and crystal clear, and the beaches have soft sand surrounded by picturesque rock formations. Right behind to Tuquillo is a small beach called La Pocita, which is called the pool of the Pacific Ocean due to its beautiful turquoise tidepools.

Tuquillo beach

Cabo Blanco. – North of Peru

Beach that was already well known in the 1950s and 60s for incredible sport fishing, luring the likes of Ernest Hemingway who later made it the setting of his novel The Old Man and the Sea.  The beach has become an international destination for surfers

Cabo Blanco beach

And the Lima beaches

The same Lima has some beaches in its coast and they are located at the Green Coast (Costa Verde) and they are very popular

However, there are very nice places and beaches resorts in the near south such as Ancon, San Bartolo, Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra, Asia group of private beaches.  Asia is one of the most frequented Lima beaches for weekend getaways from the city. Many Lima residents, have summer homes there or rent for a weekend or even a week or two for summer vacation. You can hang out at the beach, go shopping at one of the many malls and boutiques, dine at nice restaurants, go to the movies, party at fancy clubs, or even go golfing.

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