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Vinicunca Rainbow mountain, Private or group tour, which is the best option?

Uncover one of the latest discovering of the savant Mother Nature: The Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca named for their peculiar colors which resemble a rainbow impregnated to the mountains, enjoy this full day trip towards the understanding of this intriguing mountain; you will also see the magnificent landscapes and appreciate some typical communities along the road.

The Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca, is an astonishing natural phenomenon in Cusco, Peru. This impressive landscape has become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations due to its uniqueness and unparalleled beauty. What makes this mountain so special is its extraordinary color palette

Formed by weathering, environmental conditions and sedimentary deposits over time, the mountain’s unique mineralogy created a marbling effect, with layered hues of gold, lavender, red and turquoise towering into the sky.

Therefore, your experience will be amazing to this incredible place.  You will have to select which option is more convenient for you between private and a group tour.  Always will be better for you to have your own transportation with a private guide, but let’s see how is each one.


How is our Private tour to Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

The day starts very early in the morning in order to enjoy the whole experience to the fullest, through our 3 hours ride we will be accompanied by wonderful views of the Peruvian Andes, reaching the picturesque village of Checacupe (3440 mts/11286.1 ft) which distinguishes for its beautiful colonial church and bridge that still maintains Inca foundations. We will also pass through the towns of Pitumarca (3570 mts/11712.6 ft) and Hanchipacha (4660 mts/15288.7 ft) being this our stop for our well-deserved breakfast. Afterwards we will head towards Pampachiri community (4530 mts/14862.2 ft) for a short 30 mins ride. Here our expert guide will give us some tips for our 3 hours hike crossing the mountains and experiencing climate changes as we go uphill, during our hike we will also be accompanied by the endemic flora and fauna seeing some vizcachas, eagles, llamas and alpacas. We will appreciate, of course, some of the most wonderful views of the mountains surrounding the road and be able to visualize the exact places where the mountains begin to change their colors as we move towards our main destination.

Some important information

For your security we have an emergency horse just in case you feel the need to use it, please feel free to require it from your guide. If you require it in advance, we will provide you with a pair of standard walking sticks to support you during the hike, with the help of your guide you will learn the correct technique to use them making sure your knees are well cared for.


And what happens when you arrive at the Mountain?

Upon our arrival we will finally view the famous Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca (5200 mts/ 17060.4 ft) which offers a delightful spectacle of mixed mountain colors distinguishing pigmentations of pink, white, brown, purple, red, green and yellow.


We will take pleasure in taking stunning photos with beautiful backgrounds, hear our knowledgeable guide’s explanation and wander around until it is time to return hiking back for about 2 or 2.5 hours depending on your physical condition, the hike will be downhill and quicker. Once we arrive at Pampachiri we will take a short ride until reaching our lunch spot where exquisite gourmet meals wait for us in a secluded area.

Lastly and after our delicious lunch, we will return back to Cusco in our private transportation arriving by 18:30 pm approx.

And what is included?

·         A private, hand-crafted and fully personalized Luxury trek from start to finish.

·         Professional english-speaking guides with knowledge of all diverse attractions along the route (1 for every 10 customers)

·         Expert guide assistant (1 for every 10 customers)

·         All entrance fees and permits required.

·         All meals cooked on the spot by our well-trained chef with fresh

·         All overland private transportation for customers.

·         Separated private transportation for our staff members and camping equipment.

·         Private Chef, chef assistant and waiter (from 9 to 20 customers: 01 Chef, 02 chef assistants and 03 waiters)

·         Dining tent and chairs

·         Porcelain or ceramic crockery, glassware and unique stone or wood plates.

·         Portable chemical toilet: Cleanwaste toilet system (from 6 to 12 customers: 02 portable chemical toilets)

·         Toiletries: Hand towels, hand cream, gel alcohol, liquid soap.

·         First aid kit and oxygen bottle.

·         All the required Peruvian taxes (IGV)

Tour to the Mountain in a group

You will have almost the same route as the private, but times and size of the group will depend on the reservations we have

We leave Cusco early in the morning and will travel by bus for 3 hours and a half. Adapting to the altitude during the trip and walking through the Vilcanota Valley, we will see small towns. When we get to the starting point of our hike (Qhechuyno), we have 3 hours to appreciate the landscape and the homes of the inhabitants of the Andes. Likewise, also camelids in their natural habitat; thus, reaching our goal the “Cerro Colorado” – after a certain time we will descend for approximately 2 hours approx until we reach our starting point where we expect a delicious lunch in the area and then return by bus.

What is included?

– Pick up service at your hotel

– Return to your hotel

– Transfer

– Professional guide

– Breakfast and lunch

– Hiking poles

– First aid care

– Oxygen (if necessary)

– Entrance fee to Rainbow Mountain

– Personal expenses

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