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How much money does it cost to go to Machu Picchu?

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The time you will spend on your visit to Peru will define the type of program you should have and the cost of each visit

main square in Lima

To go to Machu Picchu, you will have to arrive first to Lima.  In Lima you will need as les 2 nights on your arrival and one night for your departure from the country. There are several touristic attractions in Lima as well as the greatest experience of the world-famous cuisine.  However, also it is perfectly possible to connect direct to Cusco on your arrival from your country as there are several flights from Lima to Cusco

If you prefer a tour to Peru that include the most important touristic sites, obviously including Cusco and Machu Picchu, you have to count at least with 8 days.  During this time, we can include for you Lima, Cusco and Puno.  In Lima, called city of kings or Lima the grey city, you could visit a lot of historic and modern sites as well as taste one of the best cuisines of the world.  Cusco, the navel of the world is to feel, to imagine, to think, to experience so much.  There are a huge number of amazing places, full of Inca culture, of the colony and the icons that are unmissable to visit, taken as central point Machu Picchu.  And in Puno, discover the wealth of Andean heritage of Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake and its magic

Cusco city

Other option is to go direct to Cusco, your length of stay will depend on your time and your interests.  But at least it must include:  The Cusco city where you will find Hispanic and Inca history with incredible monuments, churches, museums, small streets, bohemian neighborhoods, incredible colors and flavors; you will find everything.  From there you can go to the Sacred Valley, that includes lot of phenomenal and historical sites, such as Pisac town with a beautiful Andean market and archaeological site. 

  Then, the Maras Salt mines, to pass to Moray that was an Inca agricultural research center where crop experiments were carried out at different heights, the layout of its platforms produces a gradient of microclimates.  Chinchero, a very small rustic town where is a great display of Inca architecture, ruins and there is the famous Peruvian weaving as well as a very typical market.  Just to know, in Chinchero, the commoners traditionally weave with the complementary warp-face technique, which allows weavers to make two-sided textiles, that is, both sides of the textile are correct and can be used, since there is no obverse or reverse. Ollantaytambo fortress, that during the Spanish conquest of Peru, Ollantaytambo served as a temporary capital for Manco Inca, leader of the native resistance against the conquistadors. He fortified the town and its approaches in the direction of the former Inca capital of Cusco, which had fallen under Spanish domination. Also, in this town you will find one of the train stations that will take you to Machu Picchu

machupicchu tourist place

Now talking about the main topic; the jewel, Machu Picchu, one of the world’s wonders and the tourist icon of Perú.  Believe me, nothing is comparable to the magnificence, enigmatism and beauty of this beautiful citadel that remains a mystery to architects around the world. The cost as I did say before will depend of your time and interests; however, if you would like to know only the cost just to go to Machu Picchu, there are several aspects to be taken into account.  You have to arrive first to Aguas Calientes, the town down the citadel, by train.

There are very different train categories to go, from the tourists’ class, to the first class up to the luxury class and this have to be bought in advance.  Also, once you arrive, you have to go up to the citadel by bus that is prefer also to buy in advance (but you can get it also in the same town), to finally have the entrance that is a must to buy it in advance. Both, the bus and the entrance have a fixed rate

Come to Peru and you will see….

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